Juan Martínez Barea is the author of the book "El Mundo que viene", (The Up-Coming World, 6th Edition), edited by Planeta.

A brave new world

A brave new world


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  • All industries will become high-tech

    February 2014 Agenda de la Empresa
    Interview in the specialized magazine Agenda de la Empresa, as Ambassador in Spain for Singularity University, on the future of Spain and the impact of technology on it.
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  • Know your cliente and the technology

    February 2013 ABC, Diario Hoy (Grupo Vocento)
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  • Little stars

    December 2012 ABC, Diario Sur, Hoy... (Grupo Vocento)
    Spain has no critical mass of world-class competitive companies, which is the foundation of the prosperity of any country. However, we have a small set of world-class companies, and a myriad of small start-ups, unknown for the big public, that by competing in small market segments, with world-class products, are extraordinary examples of innovation and competitiveness.
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  • Two faces of the same coin

    May 2012 ABC, Diario Sur, Hoy, etc. (Grupo Vocento)
    The most innovative companies are the most globalized ones, and the most internacionalized companies are the most innovative ones. Even though innovation and internacionalization could be seen as different business strategies, the best companies in the world show that they are in fact two faces of the same coin.
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  • May 2012 ABC, Diario Sur, Hoy... (Grupo Vocento)
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  • Finland: How to overcome an economic crisis and become the most competitive country in the world

    January 2009
    Deep analysis on Finland's critical success factors to be able to transition from a country in deep recesion (1990) to the most competitive country in the world in just a decade.
  • Cultural and City Tourism: Seville

    January 2008
  • Ireland, the celtic tiger

    January 2007
  • Andalusia Turism Industry's great challenges

    January 2006
    Analysis pf Andalusia's most important industry, tourism, its largest challenges and opportunities
  • This is how we could be

    El Mundo
    The example of Finland and Ireland and how these two countries took advantage of a huge economic crisis to create the foundations of their prosperity and competitiveness show the way for Spain: massive public investment in high-quality education and massive investment of companies in technology and innovation. There is no other way.
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