Juan is an entrepreneur working to transform cancer into a curable disease. After working in world-class companies like Abengoa and McKinsey, Juan launched in 1999 50K, the first high-tech new venture accelerator in Spain, in collaboration with the MIT Entrepreneurship Center.

Juan is the Founder and CEO of Universal DX, a biomedicine start-up, focused on the development of a test for cancer early detection, with the aim of saving millions of lives.

Juan has worked with more than 100 start-ups, and has advised and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs. He is also a professor in the Spanish Business School Instituto Internacional San Telmo, where he leads the Innovation and Entrepreneurship practice.

Following his work in entrepreneurship he later launched a non-profit foundation to identify, educate and inspire young leaders, with the aim of developing the leaders that will build the future of the South.

Juan holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), a Master in Economics from Ecole Centrale Paris (France) and a MS and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). He is Ambassador for Spain for Singularity University (NASA Ames Park), where he graduated in Exponential Technologies.


  • 1996 - 1998
    Master in Business Administration (MBA), Innovation and Entrepreneurship MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - MIT
  • 2010 - 2010
    Graduate Studies, Exponential Technologies NASA - SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY
  • 1990 - 1991
    Master in Economics · Erasmus Scholar ECOLE CENTRALE DE PARIS
  • 1984 - 1990
    MS and BS in Industrial Engineering UNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA


  • Universal Diagnostics S.L.
    2012 - Present
    Founder and CEO Universal Diagnostics S.L. Sevilla
  • Fundacion Eduarda Justo.  Grupo Cosentino
    2011 - Present
    Founder and Managing Director Fundacion Eduarda Justo. Grupo Cosentino Cantoria, Almeria
  • Singularity University
    2011 - 2016
    Ambassador for Spain Singularity University Sevilla
  • Instituto Internacional San Telmo
    2005 - Present
    Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Instituto Internacional San Telmo
  • Creara, Fundacion San Telmo
    1998 - 2003
    Founder and Managing Director Creara, Fundacion San Telmo
  • McKinsey & Company
    1997 - 1997
    Associate McKinsey & Company

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