I have given speeches in Spanish and English at hundreds of meetings, conferences and seminars around the world, on the following topics:


  • How to create successful start-ups from the South of the world
    In a hipercompetitive world, dominated by the start-ups than continuously emerge from Silicon Valley, this seminar analyzes the critical success factors to create successful start-ups in Spain and Latinamerica. In the seminar, through real cases and conferences, the following topics are presented:

    · 'New business opportunities in a hiper competitive world'
    · 'The three critical factors to create a successful start-up'
    · How to finance high-growth start-ups'
    · 'How to design a winning and innovative business model'
    - 'The key to succeed: the entrepreneurial team'


  • Innovation and leadership to compete in tougher times
    Dublin, Ireland, December 2012
    Intensive seminar especialized on innovation and leadership, for 50 business owners and CEOs from Ireland, in which different strategies to compete and increase the competitivity of companies in these crisis times were analyzed.

    Real cases of some of the most innovative companies in the world were analyzed: Google,, Cosentino, ...

    The recipe: more innovation and more leadership.
  • Innovation and Shared Value
    Malaga, Spain, April 2012
    Seminar to 50 Italians business owners and top executives focused on innovation and 'shared value'. The seminar analyzed in depth new product, new business and management innovation, and presented the fundamentals of 'shared value', a new paradigm of social corporate responsibility, by which companies create simultaneously economic, social and environmental value.

    Real cases of some of the companies that are leading the creation of share value were analyzed: Nestlé, Grameen Danone, Cosentino, etc.
  • How the best in the world innovate
    One-day intensive seminar to analyze some of the most innovative companies in the world, to identify critical success factors, and to learn how to apply them to other companies and other industries.

    1. 'From SME to multinational thriough innovation' Case: Cosentino
    2. 'How to become the most innovative company in the world' Case:
    3. 'How to design the most beautiful products in the world' Case: Design thinking in Apple
    4. 'From product to buciness model innovation' Case: Nespresso
    5. 'How to create a 30.000 innovators company' Case: Google

Leadership and Future

  • How to compete in Exponential Times
    Chicago, USA, October 2012
    UHY Global Leadership Forum.

    Conference to more than 300 partners and directors from 50 countries from the global international group UHY.

    This conference presented the three big macrotrends than are shaping the new world: technological revolution, hiperconnectivity and geopolitical change. This trends have created a Tsunami that is going to change the world and all markets completely. How to compete in this new world? What can cpuntries and regions do? What can companies, big and small, do? What can individuals do?
  • TEDx Sevilla - The engine that moves the world
    Seville, Spain, January 2013
    Selected as one of the 8 speakers at TED (Technology, Entrepreneurship, Design) in Seville, the most prestigious network of conferences in the world.

    My speech presented how I see the new world that is emerging and how we can compete from the South of the world as countries, companies and individuals.

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