Founder and CEO of Universal DX, a biomedicine company that develops blood tests for the early detection of cancer, based in Spain and Silicon Valley.


Expert in innovation, disruptive technologies and the future, Juan lectures around the world for dozens of leading global companies.


Author of the best seller "El Mundo que Viene" (“The Upcoming World”), 6th edition, an essential book to understand what the future holds and how to prepare to lead it.


Juan devotes his life to accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship, "the engine that moves the world"


Juan leads a unique private foundation, which aims to educate, inspire and motivate the next generation of young leaders of Spain

Juan devotes his life to promote innovation and technology companies in Spain, as an entrepreneur, professor and lecturer. In his talks, he analyzes how is the up coming world and how companies can compete in such a technological and hyper-competitive environment.


Juan Martínez Barea speaks in front of top business leading world companies, in Spanish and English, on the following topics:

Tecnology and Future
The Upcoming World


Innovation and Leadership

Juan has spoken in front of top business leaders companies of the world, such as Microsoft, Google, L’Oreal, Salesforce, Oracle, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Disney, Carrefour, KPMG, Roche, Cosentino, Santander, among others.


  • Microsoft
    "Juan is able to inspire the teams to see in a very real way the next world. His knowledge of the economic and social macro trends, technological innovation, and the ability of the human being to have a positive impact on the world, makes him an exceptional lecturer. His generosity, his ability to connect with the audience, and his close and accessible discourse, generate great interest, and prompt them to think about new possibilities and ways of doing things for the up-coming world. Without a doubt, listening to Juan is a fantastic opportunity to open the door to thinking in a different way, to innovate, and to question the status quo."
  • Google Francia
    "It was a pleasure listening to your really energizing talk on stage with a clear call to action at the end. It's exactly what FR clients needed to hear and I've kept on hearing fantastic feedbacks from them."
  • Google Spain
    "Juan participated in our annual event for senior executives Think 2015. With his fantastic conference he managed to connect with the audience to become one of the sessions with the best feedback I can remember."
    Manuel Román Cantón, Head of Consumer, Brand & Large Advertisers Marketing (ES & PT)
  • Grupo Cosentino
    "Wonderful conference. I have not met anyone who looks to the future with as much curiosity, joy and strength as Juan Martínez Barea."
    Francisco Martínez-Cosentino, Founder and CEO
  • Grupo Santander
    "Juan's conference was spectacular: in addition to helping us glimpse the next world, he gave us an injection of positive energy."
    Javier Roglá Puig, General Manager of Santander Universities.
  • Volskwagen Grupo
    "We invited Juan to the meeting of executives that we celebrate annually in 2015. With his presentation, he not only got us to understand better the next world, but also conveyed the need to face it with optimism and determination."
    Salvador Codina, CEO Project Coordination Manager Volkswagen Group Spain Distribution.

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