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My company, my dream: to transform cancer into a curable disease by detecting ir early

September 2017
Brief video about my company, Universal DX, and our fight to transform cancer into a curable disease by detecting it early through a simple blood test.

Brief summary of my talk at Reinvention, Ecuador

October 2016
Conference in 'Reinvention', one of the most important events on innovation and technology in Latin America

Award to 'the most disruptive start-up'. Singularity University

November 2015
Award to 'the most disruptive start-up' in Singularity University's Exponential Medicine, held in San Diego, USA, in November 2015.

The upcoming world

October 2014
Presentation of the new book 'The upcoming world'.
We are going to live the best moment in Humanity's history: the emergence of the Era of Meritocracy, where every person, independently of the place where he lives, will be able to compete with best in the world based on his/her talent, effort and drive.

TEDx Conference - The engine moving the world

Conference at TEDx Talk in Seville, Spain

The entrepreneur inside

A personal interview, in which I explained my life launching new projects and new start-ups

Videos that Juan likes

My last project: Singularity University in Spain

I have just had the honor of being selected as Ambassador for Spain of Singularity University, one of the most
amazing and impactful educational projects on the world.

“Radical Openness”, by Jason Silva

A wonderful tribute to the power of ideas. Spectacular.

“Follow your heart”. Steve Jobs

Stanford Graduation ceremony by Steve Jobs. A wonderful speech on the pursuit of happiness through finding and doing what we really love. My humble tribute to one of the most important people on the 20th century.

How great leaders inspire action, by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, on business, politics and society.

A Day Made of Glass... by Corning.

Corning Glass' vision for the future. An example of how the best companies see the future in advance to win.

“Pale blue dot”, by Carl Sagan

Another wonderful video, in which Carl Sagan inspires and makes as tremble with a deep reflection on the meaning of life, while looking at the Earth as a pale blue dt, lost in the immensity of space.

“Entrepreneurs can change the world”

Grasshopper's video in which they make a tribute to the entrepreneur, and his role as change makers.

Social Entrepreneurs: Pioneering Social Change

A Skoll Foundation video on the role of social entrepreneurs, as engines of change in the world, including Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, and Bill Drayton, founder de Ashoka.

Barak Obama on Education

Speech of Presidente Barak Obama to a class of school students in the opening of the new school year. It is a beautiful call to students to take out the best of themselves to impact the USA and the world.

“Think Different”, by Apple

For me, the best and most inspiring commercial on History: Apple's Think Different advertising campaign. 1997-2002

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